Gunny Zin’s Match Ammunition

Gunny Zins ammunition was tested, and proven by Brian Zins with Mountain Competition Pistols. 

The formula and configuration of this ammunition is the same as the ammunition that Brian used during eight of his ten Nation Match Title Championships while serving with the United States Marine Corps.

The ammunition uses a proprietary blend of Vihta Vouri single base pistol powders, along with 185 grain Nosler Jacketed Hollow Point Match Bullets.  Reliable ignition is achieved by use of Winchester larger pistol primers, which tend to have a medium softness metal allowing use with all pistols used during ammunition testing.

 Purchasing Information:

For a short period of time, or until we run out of supplies, the 25 yard ammo is on sale for $640.00 plus shipping. We even pay for hazmat fees.

Hurry, only less than 50 cases left. This ammunition requiers the use of a 9 or 10 pound recoil spring for most 1911 type pistols. Gives you X-Ring accuracy with little to no recoil.

For revolver shooters, this ammunition is the best you will ever purchase.

25 Yard Gunny Zins ammo can also be purchased by the box. 

Price: $32.00 plus shipping


At this time we are only taking orders over the phone due to the need to determine shipping costs.  As such, please contact MCP at (570)-688-1020 to determine shipping costs and to place your orders. 

All ammunition is shipped via UPS ground.

We do not ship to CA, MA, NJ, NY or DC due to State restrictions on the mail-order purchase of ammunition.  We appologize for the inconvenience. 

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