If you are sending your pistol to MCP for modification:

NY, NJ, MA, CT, and CA customers must send any pistols from an FFL within their state. There are no exceptions.

Customers from any State, other than those listed above, may send their pistols directly to MCP.

ALL customers MUST send their pistols, whether directly or through an FFL, via next day or two day  UPS. GROUND MAY NOT BE USED.  [Note: We have stopped using FedEx as they have lost several firearms.  Please do not ship to MCP via FedEx!]

The firearms MUST be registered to the person requesting the work. If the firearms is not registered to the requestor, it is a violation of the law and MCP will not work on them.

Due to significant advances in our production processes, we tend to stock a number of our own custom match pistols.  This means that if you are interested in purchasing a MCP 1911 based pistol, it’s very likely that we can send it within 7 to 10 days to your FFL/dealer!  (These are the same pistols that Brian Zins shot in the 2010 National Matches at Camp Perry.)

Please contact MCP at (570)-688-1020 for an estimate on the work or pistol configuration your are seeking.

Once the work order is agreed to, a deposit of 25% is required in order to begin work on the firearm. We accept personal checks, money orders, Visa, and Mastercard.

Upon completion of the pistol configuration you are seeking we require payment in full.  Turn around time on our 1911 pistols is very fast; this is not the case with modifications to Beretta 92SF pistols, as that work requires significant gunsmithing.

PA has a 6% tax requirement that cannot be waived, as PA has a tax law specific to firearms and is not waiveable for out of state customers. However, we do include the tax in the price of an 1911 pistol purchased NEW from MCP. (This is enforced by the ATF.)

MCP IS NOT A RETAIL STORE; MCP PROVIDES CUSTOM PISTOLS ON A PRE-PAID / PRE-ORDERED BASIS.  Please do not call us and request any firearms that are not OUR custom match pistols. 

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