IPSC M9 Compensated Pistol

A recent addition to the MCP family of pistols is the M9 IPSC match pistol!

We’ve added a compensator with an integral bushing that attaches directly to the barrel!  This has the benefit of significantly increasing accuracy while greatly reducing recoil. Rapid fire with 115gr or 124gr factory ammunition does not tend to have any signigicant recoil!

Additionally, we replaced the trigger, the barrel, hammer, and all plastic or lightweight parts with steel! This gives the MCP IPSC M9 an even balance for perfert accuarcy everytime you pull the trigger!

With the puchase of each IPSC M9 pistol you’ll also recieve reloading information for a 124gr load that we’ve found operates the pistol flawlessly, without any percieved recoil.

The compensator acts as the bushing and is directly attached to the barrel. Lockup now occurs with the barrel, the slide, and the compensator all being in a perfect line every time!  Additionally, the slide is modified to use a concentric (round) bushing, as opposed to typical oval.  This, along with the ingregated bushing/compensator, is what allows for flawless lockup.


1)      MCP proprietary compensator with integrated bushing
2)      Match chambered 1:16 9mm Luger / Parabellum threaded barrel
3)      All steal parts are nitrogen heat treaded using a non-nitrate salt bath method to a Rockwell Hardness of 65 (RC 65).  (This includes the inside of the barrel and the chamber.)
4)      Angled compensator that basically eliminates muzzle rise during rapid fire
5)      LPA adjustable rear sight and front post
6)      Built in trigger shoe to eliminate uptake and create a slight roll in the trigger for more consistent rapid fire use of the pistol and reduction of flinching
7)      Custom  MCP single action trigger for enhanced shot consistency; better accurate speed shooting
8)      Custom Steel hammer cap to add significant weight to the rear of the pistol for better balance

MCP IPSC M9 Open to the Right

(Note: In the example above the hammer, grip screws, and magazine release have been treated using the NP3 Nickel Teflon Electrolytic process, we also use a German company for Thermalytic Nitrogen Heat Treatment on those same parts, which turn black. The later process is always used on our barrels and it NOT a Nitrate Salt Bath process.)


The cost for the M9 IPSC Match Pistol from MCP is $1295.00 which includes Tax and Shipping 

We will also MODIFY YOUR M9/92FS pistol (including all of the parts and details you see here) for $795.00 which includes tax and shipping

Turn around time for modifying YOUR M9 / 92FS pistol is two business weeks.

We have these units in stock and they are ready to ship!

(570) 688-1020, if we’re not in the office, please leave a message!

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