National Match M9

The MCP M9 starts with a M9 pistol and we basically throw away the majority of the standard parts.

First, the pistol’s frame and slide are mated using our patented / propiritory method and rail system.  The concept of installing rails is nothing new, but to do it properly you must have the right materials for the rails, and a very experienced gun smith.  MCP has worked with some of the leading metal suppliers to obtain an alloy that we feel works the best in the M9 application.   This is no small task and the procedure is different for each M9 we recieve, as no two M9 pistols are exactly the same.  This also means that it takes us a significant amount of time to work on each customer’s pistol.

Second, we repalce the barrel bushing with a tungsten bushing to add weight to the nose of the pistol and provide superior longevity.  Unlike the bushing of a 1911 style pistol, the M9 MCP proprietary bushing does not need to be replaced after every 5000 rounds.

Third, if it’s plastic, aside from the grips, it’s gone.  Wherever possible we replace the factory parts with tungsten components.

Fourth, obviously, we install a match trigger and a KKM match barrel.  All MCP barrels are tested in a purpose built barrel tester to ensure that they group under 1.5 inch at 50 yards.  If they don’t group, we sent them back (which is extremely rare). Basically, we feel that if you don’t test the barrel, you’re not doing your customers any favors.  When you think about it if the barrel doesn’t group in under 1.5 inch at 50 yards, how can you be expected to consistantly hit the X ring?


Please contact MCP directly with regard to this pistol configuration.  We can accurize you existing pistol, or send you a new one that has been accurized.  There will be a time delay for turn around, as this specific procedure requires a fair amount of gunsmith time.  This can be reduced if purchasing a new pistol, but these pistols (unlike our M9 IPSC or 1911 Wad Gun for bulls-eye) are made to order.


New M9 MCP modified for National Matchs $2150.00 plus tax and $50 shipping.

If you send your M9 to be modified by MCP, $1850.00 plus shipping.

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